WCCM is a group of Campus Ministries that want YOU to find a great spiritual home here in Rock Hill. Click on the logos to learn about each one!

Serving the spiritual development of the Winthrop University Campus

The Winthrop Cooperative Campus Ministries (WCCM) provides a supportive network of ministries to serve everyone connected to the Winthrop University Community. Consisting of trained, professional representatives of various religious agencies or denominations, WCCM cooperates by working on various campus-wide service projects, ministering to students interested in spiritual development, and providing chaplain services to individuals in crisis. While each individual campus minister maintains their own denominational distinctives, the members of WCCM are committed to working together to serve the greater good of the Winthrop campus.

Membership in WCCM is a significant investment of time and resources.
Interested parties should read the bylaws to see if they qualify.

Email our president.

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