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Serving the spiritual development of the Winthrop University Campus 

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The Winthrop Cooperative Campus Ministries (WCCM) provides a supportive network of ministries to serve everyone connected to the Winthrop University Community. Consisting of trained, professional representatives of various religious agencies or denominations, WCCM cooperates by working on various campus-wide service projects, ministering to students interested in spiritual development, and providing chaplain services to individuals in crisis. While each individual campus minister maintains his or her own denominational distinctives, the members of WCCM are committed to working together to serve the greater good of the Winthrop campus. 

Ministry Throughout the Week


UKirk – 8:45 and 11 am for Worship at Oakland Avenue Presbyterian Church with New Connections Sunday School class and home-cooked meal after church

Newman Catholic Campus Ministry – 6 pm for Mass at The Oratory


Wesley – 6:15 pm for dinner and then 7:00 pm Worship at The Wesley Foundation

Fellowship of Christian Athletes - 9 pm in DiGorgio 221


 Wesley - 11:00 - 12:30 Pasta lunch at The Wesley Foundation

UKirk – 8 pm Program in Owens 202

Winthrop Episcopal Lutheran Campus Ministry (WELCM) – 6:30 pm Meal and Program at Campus Ministry Center (520 Aiken Ave.)

Taking Opportunities to Prevail (TOP)  – 8:00 pm for Bible study and snacks in Owens 202


Newman Catholic Campus Ministry – 6:30 pm for Bible Study, Fellowship & Service Projects at The Oratory

Cooperative Student Fellowship (CSF) – 8:15 pm for Dessert and Bible Study in Owens 101

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) – 8:30pm Large Group in Kinard Aud.


Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) – 7 pm for meal and 7:50 for worship at BCM

Orthodox Campus Ministry - 7:00 pm in DiGorgio foyer

Current and Prospective Students: To find out more information email us directly or fill out this form.

Are you a part of a ministry interested in joining WCCM? Please read our By-Laws and contact our president.